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“Be one of the first to visit our exciting new clinic opening in Christchurch this coming Christmas. Following the success of our Bournemouth clinic, footrescue® has been looking for a new site where we can expand our existing range of services. Our new facility will include a whole host of new modern, research-based treatments to meet the ever-increasing demands of feet in the 21st century.

Our years of experience have afforded us the opportunity and skill to review and research the most effective and reliable equipment and treatments. With larger premises in the heart of Christchurch we know we can provide the highest standards of care in comfortable modern surroundings that you deserve.

The clinic will also incorporate a foot care shop where you can buy every possible lotion, potion or foot balm that you could need, we will also be selling gift vouchers and gift packages in the run up to the Christmas season to afford you the chance to buy a unique gift for that special person in your life. Or if you have already done the shopping why not treat yourself to a luxurious foot treatment and foot massage to recover from those miles of pavements you have pounded.

Among the many services on offer, our clinic at Christchurch will be one of the only Chiropody and Podiatry in the area offering specialist services for verrucae using liquid Nitrogen, research has shown this to be the most effective and most reliable way to eradicate the virus that causes verrucae and warts. Our trained Podiatrists will be able to advise you about the procedure, why not email us a question in our

“Coming soon – watch out for our feature on the iQube, a revolutionary scanning device that maps the surface of your foot, enabling us to accurately plot any deformities or abnormalities, and where required send your details to one of our laboratories where they can manufacture custom made orthoses or insoles to help correct any problems you encounter when running, waking or indulging in your favourite sport.”